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Interactive Stations: Pad Thai

Are you looking for international, street-inspired food that is delicious and exciting?

One of our offerings, our Pad Thai interactive station, fits the bill perfectly. Our chefs cook dinner for each guest right in front of them with meats and mix-ins of their choosing. Think - sizzling shrimp, Thai sauced noddles with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, all topped with crispy peanuts and refreshing cilantro. Taste buds watering yet?

We can even provide take-out containers and chopsticks for a fun alternative to plates and forks.

Pad Thai Station

Rice Stick Noodles

Sautéed to Order with  Chicken, Beef, or Shrimp, Peanuts and Egg

Topped with Additional Peanuts, Bean Sprouts, Cilantro Leaves, and Lime Wedges

Thank you to Marilyn Shamblin of Rising Lotus Photography for all of the professional images.

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